Made for You

Since I've been back in the business a few beautiful projects for my valued customers and friends were made.

Take a look on some of them and see what can come out from fresh ideas and visions.

We always work on it to make them come true for you.

Your satisfaction is my passion. Give me a call or email me!

Marquise Diamond
with Rose Gold

To achieve this level of brilliance the Marquise diamond has to be cut in the correct proportions and polished impeccably.

The small diamonds on the side have to support the center in color and brilliance to enhance the beauty of the ring. High quality craftsmanship in metal portion is equally important to secure the Marquise diamond in its position and to insure the best possible look and durability.

For this beauty she had to say “YES”.

Lapis with diamond in Gold Ring

This custom designed 14 karat yellow gold ring for man is unique and one of a kind. It is made with old world craftmanship. The Lapis is cut by hand and inlayed with love and respect to the piece, which gives additional charm to the ring.

When he saw this ring and put it on his finger for the first time, his big smile told everything. That is when the whole process of the making this ring, the challenges, the sweat and time that went into it became worthwhile. And these smiles are the reason why I love my business.

A meaningful diamond

This beautiful solitaire diamond engagement ring I made for my friends' fiancé. The diamond is 1.77 carat, graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) with color G, clarity SI 1. The ring is in 18 karat white gold.

They are happily married now and the wife loves the ring.

Penguin with Diamonds

This is the cutest jewelry I made. He wanted a Pinguin for his mother as a gift: diamonds in the wings and a black diamond as the eye. So, look what came out. His mother loves it.

Sapphire with Diamonds 

From old make new. Jewelry items can be modernized with numerous possibilities. She had a ring and wanted a new, original look for it.

We made it with a wonderful Sapphire in the center. Because the ring was already there we had to make a new crown to fit the shape of the sapphire.

The result came out gorgeous.

Choose a Gemstone

One of those could be in your new jewelry project:

- Blue Sapphire
- Pink Sapphire
- Pink Tourmaline
- Garnet
- Coral
- Diamonds
- Opal
and much more